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Friday, October 11, 2013

Selepas Setahun.. Part 3: Malaysia Rising

Investment Profile: Malaysia: Malaysia Rising | Site Selection Online

Malaysia Rising, Site Selection September Edition, Medical Device, Straits Orthopaedics, KLCC


Ha, nampak tak link kat atas tu? Since I'm writing on things that happened selama saya 'menghilangkan diri', so for this Part 3, saya nak share something yg berkaitan dgn kerjaya saya pulak, dan kenapa the write-up in this article (about Straits), is very important to me.. =)

Sepanjang awal tahun ni, I've travelled a lot and met a lot of interesting people.. From Penang to KL, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.. (Mungkin dlm next entry, saya akan share apa yg menarik kat tempat2 ni..) Frankly, I always feel that I'm a quiet type of girl.. Not even good at making jokes.. Tak banyak cakap, hanya bercakap kalau ada org yg start or if org tu memang saya dah kenal.. =( Not so good, huh?! Hmm..

One fine day, Mr. Boss asked me to help him in business development.. So, I thought this will be a good chance for me to improve my social skill even though part of me tak berani sebenarnya.. Camne seorang engineer nak develop business.. Orthopaedics business yg sgt baru kat Malaysia pulak tu.. Camne nak deal dgn high rank people, decision-maker people, government officials and ministers.. Risau if I screwed up.. But then, after being involved in series of meetings, discussions and presentations, I'm beginning to love this new job.. It's not that bad after all.. I learnt a lot from other people's experience - on business as well as life.. Mana tahu, satu hari nanti boleh apply this knowledge utk business sendiri pulak? Hehehe.. =)

Anyway, apa kena mengena this article dgn saya ye tak? Well, this article was written by a US magazine called Site Selection.. For this September 2013 edition, they are promoting Malaysia's medical device industry to the world.. Despite of all political issues that we have right now, di mata dunia, Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yg ideal utk foreign investors especially in this sunrise industry.. It is time for Malaysia to rise.. And I'm glad to be part of it..

Site Selection, Straits Orthopaedics Billboard, ABio Orthopaedics Billboard, Penang Bridge
ABio & Straits billboards right after Penang Bridge toll

p/s: Saya harap, gol Mr. Boss akan tercapai - to make Malaysia visible in the orthopaedics map.. Amin.. Kena kerja kuat lagi la nampaknya! =)

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