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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mari Berjalan.. 17 Sep 2012..


4 days to go for "A Walk To Remember".. Penang Starwalk 2012.. =)

Starwalk 2012, Berjalan Pulau Pinang, the Star
(Photo credit to 2012 Penang Starwalk Page in Facebook)

Penang Starwalk is an annual event kat Penang, with 2 categories, open for participation - Competition & Non-competition.. Bagi kami yg memang berniat nak jalan2, while bergambar along the so-called heritage trail, we chose the Non-competition.. Starting point - Penang Times Square.. The walking route akan cover Fort Cornwallis, City Hall, Masjid Kapitan Keling.. Total will be a round 6 km.. Utk Competition, 10 km.. (This was also one of the reason why we chose Non-competition.. Hehe..)

Actually, ni adalah kali pertama sy join this event.. Tupun tanpa disangka-sangka.. Heard about this event earlier, sebab En. Suami n his parents selalu jugak join this event dulu (it happened every year, n this year is it's 36th edition), tapi sy tak pernah terlintas nak join.. One fine day, our IT Manager came to our humble office n asked whether we wanted to join or not.. Oleh sebab this event akan diadakan on 17 Sep, Monday, which is a replacement holiday for Hari Malaysia yg jatuh pada hari Ahad, so we thought why not.. Sekali-sekala relaxkan otak dari kerja yg tak pernah siap n at the same time boleh sihatkan badan.. Lagi pulak, this will be a good chance for us, me n En. Suami, spend time together, walking, sightseeing, dating, sambil menghargai warisan sejarah di Penang.. Chewah! =)

Anyway, bermula 12 Sep until 16 Sep, participants for Non-competition dah boleh start collect t-shirt n goodies kat depan Penang Times Square.. Luckily En. Suami kerja malam, so he took this opportunity to collect these items yg kat bawah ni.. Macam2 ada.. Kalau camni, panjang umur, tahun depan leh consider participate lagi.. =)

T-shirt Starwalk, Cenderahati Starwalk

p/s: Selamat Hari Malaysia n selamat bercuti.. Hope you'll have a fruitful weekend.. N to those yg also participate dalam Starwalk ni, see you this Monday (Insya-Allah, harap2 tu things will be going as planned).. Kalau jumpa, tegur-tegurlah ye?! Happy Moonwalking  Starwalking!!! (^_-)v

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